RescueDishDC 2019

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RescueDishDC 2019 took place July 13 - 20. During RescueDishDC, restaurants across the Washington, DC area spotlight creative dishes that use ingredients that would otherwise go to waste. Though the event is just a week long, these restaurants do sustainability work year round—and some keep their RescueDishes on the menu. Stop by to eat what they’re up to, and check back for updates on more upcoming events!

RescueDishDC Specials

These sustainable dishes were available from July 13 - 20.

contact the restaurants directly to find out whether these dishes are still available.

Corn Cob Soup. Equinox. (Photo by Mary Kong-DeVito)

Corn Cob Soup. Equinox. (Photo by Mary Kong-DeVito)

RescueDish: Smoked carrot steak with carrot top salsa verde
RescueDish: Calaloo Raviolo

Made from Calaloo that the staff at Common Good City Farm discovered when they were weeding. Rather than curse their bad luck, they collected it because it’s delicious!
RescueDrink: Cider house punch
Ciderhouse punch comes from cider that is pulled from the lines during regular draft maintenance and would otherwise just go down the drain. For an insider RescueDishDC experience, join us July 10 for ANXO’s four-course RescueDish meal in partnership with other food organizations in DC. Get your tickets before it’s too late!

RescueDish: Salad with tomato trim
After slicing tomatoes for burgers, there’s always some extra tomato left over. That will go into a salad with arugula, leafy greens, cherry tomatoes, red onions, roasted red peppers, watermelon, lemon honey goat cheese, sprouts, radish, diced cucumbers, roasted pumpkin seeds, toasted sesame seeds, sea salt, black pepper, extra virgin olive oil, sherry vinegar.
Note: Available starting July 17; will remain on the menu after RescueDishDC concludes

RescueDishes: Corn cob soup and crispy potato skins with lemon truffle sour cream
RescueDrink: Summer berry shrub with local gin and seltzer
Uses berries that might have gone to waste.
Note: Only available Monday to Friday, during Commuter Hour, 5 - 7 p.m.

Insider Experience

ANXO’s Sustainable Super Club— four courses, each celebrating underutilized ingredients and each connected to a local group working to make our food system better.

This event took place july 10th, 2019. Check back for more insider events with rescuedish partners!

Fancy Radish
RescueDish: Maitake Potato Taco
Extra maitake mushroom scraps and potato ends served on a flour tortilla, topped with a poblano salsa and curtido (a lightly fermented cabbage relish, made with cabbage leftover from making stock)
Note: Only available during happy hour

Fare Well
RescueDish: Almond Cotija
Made with juice from pickles and kraut
RescueDessert: Tiramisu
Using cake ‘scraps’, brownie ‘ends’, and espresso grounds

RescueDrink: Ancient Mariner
Spent lime infused Batavia Arrack, pickle tepache with ginger, bartender’s OJ, served in reused ginger beer bottles. (Uses limes leftover from juicing, pickle brine, orange juice from oranges used for cocktail garnishes, and pineapple skins.)

Little Sesame
RescueDish: Watermelon and tomato “migas” with burnt eggplant tahini and pickled cilantro stems, served with 7-minute egg
Uses leftover marinade from tomato and watermelon fattoush salad, which will be cooked with yesterday's pita and topped with tahini made from smokey charred [and usually discarded] eggplant peels.
Note: Only available at Little Sesame Chinatown location

National Geographic Cafeteria
RescueDish: Oatmeal cookies
Extra oatmeal will live on as cookies!
Note: The cafeteria is open to the public during lunchtime on weekdays; it closes at 2 p.m.

RescueDish: Rescue Panzanella
Uses bread ends, juicy tomato bits and broccoli stem pesto. Also includes fresh cucumber, heirloom cherry tomatoes, lettuce and a tomato sauce infused with Lapsang Souchong black tea.

The Pig
RescueDish: Crispy Pig Ear Lettuce Wrap
Lemon grass braised pig ears, flash fried; Bibb lettuce wrap, soy ginger glaze, toasted sesame seeds, pickled Daikon radish, Thai basil

RescueDish: Salmon belly carpacio
Made from a cut of fish that’s often discarded
Urbana’s salmon carpaccio is an example of whole fish waste reduction. Executive Chef Ethan McKee uses the salmon belly, a meaty part of the fish typically thrown away. The salmon belly is thinly sliced and simply flavored with olive oil, lemon, and chives to allow the sustainably sourced fish to shine. It is served with radishes and crostini. 

Menu Mainstays

We’re pulling back the curtain on these menu fixtures; they have great sustainability stories!

Blue Duck Tavern
RescueDish: Crispy Duck Wings with celery leaves and herb stem salad
Uses a cut of meat that was previously discarded or used in stocks, along with celery and herb trim

RescueDish: Green rice
Herb stems are spun into a pesto that gives this rice dish its signature color.

RescueDish: Roasted hallumi on charred lemon marmalade
Uses lemon shells

The Salt Line
RescueDish: Seafood charcuterie
Pickled oysters, scallop 'nduja, cold smoked arctic char, halibut loukaniko, smoked whitefish salad. Incorporates often discarded fish.

Santa Rosa Taqueria
RescueDish: Nachos Borrachos
Tortilla chips, melted queso ends, chorizo crumbles, over-ripe tomato pico, crema, guacamole, fried egg.
Note: Only available during weekend brunch