What is RescueDish?

RescueDish is an initiative to bridge foodie-ism with the fight against food waste. We plan events with chefs, restaurants and other food businesses that are creating new taste experiences with underutilized ingredients. 


Tell me more about your events.

Our capstone events are designated weeks in which select restaurants across the Washington, D.C. region highlight “RescueDishes” on their menus. We also hold happy hours, organize neighborhood restaurant walking tours and other things as opportunities arise. Visit our Events page to learn more.


That’s so cool! But I want to try a RescueDish right now. Where can I find one?

Navigate over to our Find a RescueDish page to learn which restaurants are actively serving a RescueDish. 


Who are you?

RescueDish grew out of the DC Food Recovery Working Group, a consortium of people from government, business, nonprofit and other backgrounds who all care about reducing food waste and ending hunger. RescueDish is just one of the initiatives the Working Group tackles and is lead by an executive committee who are lucky enough to hold planning meetings at some of the best and most sustainable restaurants DC has to offer.


I think my restaurant would be a great fit for RescueDish. How can I get in touch?

Email us at RescueDish@gmail.com or contact us through this site. Also, we’d love it if you tagged RescueDish (#RescueDish) in any of your social media posts about how you use food efficiently and lovingly at your restaurant. 


What's next on the RescueDish calendar?

The next RescueDish week is slated for Summer 2019. In the meantime, check out our events pages for updates on happy hours, walking tours and other happenings.